My Approach to Counseling

I work from a mindfully humanistic, existential viewpoint of counseling, where the client is the expert. I believe our past is important and provides a blueprint for the present. However, I also believe that we grow by allowing ourselves to be fully present in the “here and now.” As a counselor, it is my aim to promote a growth fostering relationship through my authentic, genuine, and empathic approach.

We are each on our own path in this life.  Sometimes we encounter bumps in the road where we may feel detached or lost. This sets us on a quest for finding out what is important in our lives, what holds meaning for us, what gives us passion , or a will to continue.

You are the expert on your life. While I may have the knowledge and skills related to mental health, I cannot put you into the same box as everyone else who experiences a similar concern. We will develop a collaborative relationship to create an individualized approach to your life, experiences, and feelings. My overall goal is to guide and support you on your journey to a healthier you! The mind, body, and spirit balance is the foundation of my counseling approach.



*Movement, music, and art therapy

*Eastern approaches to wellbeing (yoga, meditation, breathing)

*Walk and talk therapy

*Processing ego deaths as a result of psychedelic journeys

*Bibliotherapy (integration of recommended readings)




My Time on the Couch

Many years ago I realized it was time for me to confront my relationship with guilt and to spend some time processing my mother's death.  During my time on the couch I learned invaluable lessons that I continue to carry with me in my personal and professional life. I learned the importance of honesty with my therapist.  I trusted the process and the safe space my therapist created for me.  I spent time exploring myself, working towards an understanding of the already planted roots in my soul, accepting who I am and learning the power of vulnerability.  My time on the couch left me with a new found perspective on how I treat myself and others.  Ultimately, I routinely remind myself of the importance remaining grounded and true to matter the storm.